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Podcast advertising intelligence
for publishers and advertisers

Find out which advertisers are investing in podcasts

Magellan AI samples the top 200 podcasts in the UK each week to capture ads and provide insights on advertisers, publishers, and networks in podcasting.

Discover which brands are new to podcast advertising, see ad volume, listen to sample creative, and receive detailed reporting for brands and podcasts you choose to follow.

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Top publishers and advertisers rely on Magellan AI for competitive intelligence necessary to increase revenue

  • Discover advertisers with advanced search and filtering including including type of ads run, campaign approach, genres, or specific podcasts
  • Discover which shows advertisers are investing in
  • Receive weekly airchecks to ensure yourads are running as expected
  • As a publisher, tailor your sales outreach to prospects already spending on podcast advertising
  • Receive weekly email alerts with a list of advertisers that are new to podcast advertising
  • Track competitive and complementary brands to fine tune your strategy



  • Keep a watchlist of your chosen brands to see where advertisers are spending with competitors
  • Stay informed with notifications about where your tracked advertisers are appearing


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