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The Podscape: surveying the landscape
of the podcast industry

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The podcast industry has exploded in the last few years and while Magellan AI's platform makes sense of the advertising marketplace, we realized the industry as a whole could use an easy-to-navigate guide to many of the new technology companies and services.

In partnership with Bryan Barletta of Sounds Profitable, Magellan AI took inventory of podcasting industry companies, services, agencies, and more. From content creation to hosting services to media planning, agencies, and media sales - download The Podscape to better understand how some of the biggest players fit together on one page.

Complete the form to download the Podscape and discover the Podscape Podcast - a resource for understanding the hundreds of companies in the Podscape by simply asking each one, "what do you do?"

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About Magellan AI

Magellan AI collects, analyzes, and tracks podcast ads to deliver competitive intelligence and verification tools for advertisers and sales insights for publishers.

About Sounds Profitable

Sounds Profitable is a weekly newsletter focused on breaking down the technical details of the podcast advertising space and making it accessible for everyone. From analytics to dynamic ad insertion, get in-depth detail from the experts every Tuesday morning.

Last updated: January 2023